Cosby High Color Guard

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About Our Site

This site will keep you up to date on any and all guard activities. The site was created and maintained by captain Shelly. I keep upcoming events updated as well as post tutorials for difficult moves. So make sure you check the site regularly so you're always prepared for anything going on in guard. If you have any trouble with a move and would like individual help don't be afraid to ask.  This season will be fantastic! GO TITANS!


FAQ About Guard

What is Color Guard?

Color Guard is a uniformed team that preforms along side marching band. We mainly preform with flags but some teams also uses equipment such as rifles, sabers, and swing flags. We compete in competitions all over the state as well as preform a school football games.

Do You Need Experience?

No you don't this team requires no additional experience. During tryout week we break down everything you will need to know to make tryouts. So all you need is a positive attitude and initiative to pracice.

How Much Does it Cost?

For Cosby Color Guard you have to make your first deposit of 100 dollars by the end of the school year and your second deposit 100 dollars in August on the first day of band camp.  We also have a few small expenses after that such as the price for shoes, makeup, and tights. which all together would cost 50 dollars. So

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